• "Breath is the way our bodies make love with God"

    David Deida



    Rebirthing is a breathwork technique that leads to deep and sustained physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

    For most people Rebirthing is the most powerful experience ever felt and a powerful tool to access to a better knowledge of themselves, a deep sense of peace and freedom.

    You'll learn how to inhale and circulate new, pure vital energy and free your exhale to release everything that doesn't serve you.

    This circulation of energy will release tensions in your physical and energetic bodies such as unprocessed emotions, traumas, anxiety, fears and will replace them with love, peace, confidence, creativity, clarity and joy. Often powerful insights occur that can bring rapid transformation into one's life.


    If you feel ready to face divine energy moving in your own body & mind - in very magical, mystical & miraculous ways - then please be our guest and save your spot for our 5 day retreat!


    With Rebirthing you can:

    - Release old subconscious beliefs and patterns, find more confidence

    - Let go of the need to control and integrate trust and peace

    - Heal old emotional wounds and trauma

    - Clear and energise your Chakras and energy system

    - Experience full body orgasms

    - Connect with one's infinite divine being

    - Free yourself from physical pain and integrate deep relaxation


    Your breath is the mirror of your story : when you learn how to free your breathing you find freedom for your being.


  • 5 day Rebirthing Breathwork Retreat in Koh Phangan

    Is designed to help you release all that have been holding you back and create a new sense of being anchored in truth, love, creativity, joy and power.


    3 day Tantric Breathwork Journey in Koh Phangan

    A life changing Tantric Breathwork Journey, in which we will explore our full sexual potential


    see details below:

  • It's a great honour for us to guide you on this journey of deep inner work and transformation


    We hold a sacred place for all parts of you to be seen and integrated, from the most vulnerable and wounded to the most joyful and alive.

    You are much more than what you experience in your daily life and we guide you into this journey of self discovery to align your body, mind, heart and soul with your the true essence of your being.

    Many of us carry unconscious beliefs that no longer serve us and that influence our view about our self and the world around. You will be able to identify and release them so that you can manifest the life you truly want.

    The breath will be your guide, connecting you to the universal intelligence, to a profound knowledge of yourself, the world and your place in it.

    You may experience states of ecstasy, deep inner peace, full heart opening, physical vitality and high vibration that will be a new foundation for your life.


    You will relax and enjoy the beauty of Koh Phangan, treasure of Thailand, the beautiful beaches, sunsets, jungle, delicious healthy food and many up lifting activities.



    During this week together:

    There will be daily Rebirthing Breathwork sessions, guided meditations, partner work, movement,teachings, exercices, energy work and other breathwork practices.


    A guide for the retreat schedule:

    Each day will focus on a different core theme.


    - Day 1: Your core story/issue/belief:

    Most people have an unconscious story or belief about ourselves that holds us back from reaching our full potential. Usually it goes unseen because we have learned to 'manage' it, so we get on with our lives, usually unaware of how we hold ourselves back. We will uncover and release it so that it doesn’t rule our lives any more.


    - Day 2: Healing the inner child:

    As a child most of us have experienced some trauma or challenging environment that we were not able to cope with. We resisted feeling emotions and repressed some parts of ourselves. We will reintegrate this deep and precious part of ourselves and allow this emotion to be freed.


    - Day 3: Get freedom in our personality:

    Unconsciously most of our character traits have been created in reaction to something we fear or don't allow ourself to be. With polarity and inner dialogue work and inner masculine and inner feminine reflection we'll make peace between all the parts of ourselves so that we can choose who we are from a place of love.


    - Day 4: Sexuality:

    Sexuality is a vital part of our lives, it is a sacred energy and the source of our life force. We want to be fully aware of our needs and embrace all our emotions in order to connect with our divine nature and realise our wholeness. We will release old blockages and negative programming. And learn how to reconnect with the energetic flow of this powerful and sacred force and elevate sexuality to a spiritual experience.


    - Day 5: Chakras and enlightenment:

    Chakras: We will look at location and function of the Chakras and how breathwork can clear, open & connect them, thereby connecting more strongly to our energetic system and our life as a whole.

    Enlightenment: Most of us have a strong sense of Identity (or 'I' entity). We see ourselves as living in this body, and separate from everything and everyone else. But is this really true? Beneath every idea or belief, you ever had about yourself, what is permanent, what never changes, it’s just over looked and not noticed.




    “Take responsibility for programming your own mind, because if you don’t somebody else will, and they won’t have your best interest in mind”

    Paul McKenna

    We are not here to heal anyone. We are here to provide a safe space, tools and processes for you to make these changes for yourself.

    We like to keep a small intimate groups, with a maximum of 12 people for the 5 day Retreat and 14 people for the 3 day Tantric Breathwork journey, to ensure maximum focus and attention.


    Allow yourself to be guided into various practical exercises, energy awakening and learn how to supercharge and transform your sexual energy into ecstatic experiences through the powerful technique of Rebirthing Breathwork.

    This transformational event will offer you:
    ॐ Alignment of Heart, Sex and Spirit
    • Open to intimacy with Self and others, and deepen your capacity to truly Love
    ॐ Reprogramming negative sexual beliefs
    • Gain clarity and transform beliefs which hold you back from experiencing your full sexual potential
    ॐ Master your sexual energy and become multi orgasmic
    • Learn to perceive, control and channel sexual energy
    • Experience new levels of pleasure, intimacy and consciousness
    ॐ Many practical exercises
    ॐ Conscious Relating
    ॐ Exploring sensual and conscious touch, consent and boundaries
    ॐ Introduction to a Self-love and Self-esteem program


    There will be no nudity, however expect a nakedness of your heart and a deepening of intimacy with yourself and others.

    This workshop is limited to a maximum of 12 people, make sure you save your spot well in advance.
    We will have equal number of men and women, all backgrounds, ages, couples and singles, experienced Tantrics and Breathworkers or new comers are welcomed.



    15th~19th February

    Sri Thanu, Koh Phangan, Th.


    Early Bird Price €350 11,800 baht (If booked & paid by 1st February)

    Full Price €390 or 13,000 Baht

    Price includes lunch, but not accommodation.
    Your place is secured once we receive payment.

    Payment can be made in either GB£ or Euros. Via bank transfer (French, Thai, Belgium or UK accounts), and via PayPal, TransferWise or BitCoin


    None planned


    Early Bird Price €220 or 8000 baht (If booked & paid by)

    Regular Price €250 or 9000 Baht

    Bring a partner of the opposite sex and get a 20% discount of the regular price

    (we like to have the same number of each gender).


    Price includes lunch, but not accommodation.
    Your place is secured once we receive payment.

    Payment can be made in either GB£ or Euros. Via bank transfer (French, Thai, Belgium or UK accounts), and via PayPal, TransferWise or BitCoin



    Rebirthing sessions with Edward are on:
    TIMES & DAYS: Mondays & Thursdays 1.15pm ~ 3.45pm

    30th January, 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th, 20th February


    LOCATION: HathaYoga Academy https://goo.gl/maps/kXhDkFSJJ9deZjPW9

    ENERGY EXCHANGE: 500THB for 2.5 - 3 hours with an experienced professional facilitator

    This is the first Rebirthing Group in Koh Phangan, started in September 2014. We have had more than 3 years’ experience holding groups on this island, and more than 5 years of facilitating Rebirthing sessions. Edward has guided several thousand people through this process and create a safe container to experience your revelations.

    The whole session will take about two and half hours, and will start with a 30 minute introduction talk (which is free, anyone can attend). Rebirthing should always be around 1 hour for the breathing part and we like to allow 30 mins dropping into stillness (integration phase), and then time at the end to feed back and ask questions if one feels to.

    Please bring water, a sarong, if you have one and a willingness to be open to whatever may happen or arise, this is a powerful transformative process. Be sure to have a good night’s sleep the night before. To find out more see our Rebirthing page.

    Often the collective energy of a group Rebirthing Session can make it very powerful. When you hear someone going through a powerful process can give you permission to go there too. And often the intensity of the group energy can assist in any release that may happen.

    I like to have small, intimate groups, with a maximum of 12 people, to maximise individual attention.

    Because of the popularity please arrive on time to save your spot.

    We are also available for private sessions, in which we can go in much greater detail. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

    Love & Gratitude

    Rebirthing sessions with Lucille are on:
    Please email Lucille to find out about private sessions


  • "The rebirthing session I did with Edward was an amazing experience. The breathing technique worked very powerfully and helped me to release a lot of tension I was holding in my body. The whole process was a profound inner journey and gave me insights in things I was struggling with in my life. Afterwards I felt deeply connected with myself. I was super relaxed and energised at the same time. This effect lasted also days after the session. I felt renewed energy to take some steps I was postponing for some time and my body felt recharged. Edward has a very calming presence and his patience and loving awareness made me able to go deep in the session and to open myself fully for what needed to be released. I am very grateful for this. Thank you!"

    ~ Lonnie Van Son, NL

    "I had a wonderful rebirthing breathwork workshop with Lucille. She is an awesome woman with a huge heart and so much knowledge! She guided the whole group through the breathwork with a lot of compassion and big support for our own processes. I can highly recommend her and the experiences you can gain from breathwork.
    Thank you Lucille! It was wonderful"

     ~ Chiara, Sw

    Thank you Edward for a great rebirthing session. I could not imagine that it could be so simple and so powerful, and you are holding the space with great care and experience. As a healer myself I am impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of the technique, which powerfully goes around the conscious mind. I could imagine now this technique as a complement to my approach, which is more about getting conscious of our blocks and talents on our Soul’s journey, and I will recommend your work to my patients.
    Many thanks !

    ~ Paul Vishal, FR

    I didn't know what breathwork was and the approach of Lucille was soft, well-guided. She was so careful regarding our needs and our worries. It was really powerful and inspiring. Thanks again for this amazing experience. You know why Sister and still today it helps me to be good. It was a first but not a last.

    Lots of love

    ~ Amandine, Fr

    My experience in the rebirthing session with Edward goes beyond words. In fact it’s beyond the logical thinking of the mind, diving into the depths of the soul, uncovering the truth of what this journey is all about.

    It was my first time doing rebirthing and had no idea how intense it would be. During my session deep emotions were released from both present and past lives. Insight was gained on what the purpose of this life was and even had visions of past deaths and the day I was born in this life.

    I remember clearly having a vision of my father holding me as a newborn, crying tears of joy. The loving kindness I felt from him during our session was beyond anything I’ve ever felt. My session reminded me I am not alone, there are so many guiding the way. I learned not to fear death for we never really do die. Lastly, to move forward on this path sharing that loving kindness I felt with the world, for it is that energy that unites us all in this beautiful dream, called life.

    ~ Alessandro Granito, US

    Lucille, I am deeply thankful to you. I'm feeling being really and fully myself, totally aligned, in peace with my life, in surrendering and love.It's wonderful.

    ~ Jessie, Fr.



    Edward has been on a personal spiritual journey for more than 25 years. Exploring meditation, Tantra, Past life regression, Non-Duality, and many other aspects of Spirituality. Spending a lot of time in India and later moved to Thailand in 2005, where he still lives much of the year.

    He is qualified in Rebirthing Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Classical Massage, India Head Massage, Acupressure Chair Massage, Vortex Healing and Reiki,.

    Edward now specialises in Rebirthing Breathwork. He first experienced the powerful transformational process of Rebirthing Breathwork in 2012 and trained in Rebirthing with Andrea Polyak shortly after and then further training with Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing. Edward started the first Rebirthing Group in Koh Phangan in September 2014, and now use Rebirthing in both personal and group sessions with amazing results. For the last 4 years Edward has been hosting retreats and workshops with Breathwork, in both Thailand and Europe.

    Lucille's self discovery journey began 10 years ago when she left the corporate world for a year of travel leading her to live with monks in a monastery in Nepal, to work with plants medicine with chaman in Peru, to a vision quest in Arizona and several strong experiences that opened her heart and consciousness to a new way of being and relating with reality.

    After working as a therapist in Paris (trained in transpersonal psychology, energetic healing and coaching), she became a Shakti Spirit Teacher to guide women on the sacred feminine path and a Rebirthing Practitioner, trained with Leonard Orr, the founder of the technique in his place, in the US.

    She found in Rebirthing the tool that allow a real change by overtaking the mental and go deeply in the body's wisdom.

    She now hosts workshops and retreats in Feminine and Rebirthing while still being individual therapist and coach.

    To know more: http://www.lucille-fauque.com/